Discovering a more proactive approach to helping families do more that matters.

For financial professionals who really do care about their clients, those trusted client relationships are valued aspects of your professional life. Whatever your area of expertise – accountancy, law, investments, insurance, consulting, or another niche area – you no doubt desire to guide your clients as holistically, comprehensively, and strategically as possible.

Often, due to our need to maximize efficiency and productivity while minimizing client expense, we are not well-positioned to serve our clients in this more complete manner. Plus, in our broader community of professionals, we are not very skilled in the area of communicating with each other and coordinating our various areas of work and effort.

Unfortunately, this means our clients are forced to assume the role of a “doctor,” directing their professionals, managing technical administrative details, and writing their own prescriptions. In this thought-provoking presentation, we invite you to consider whether you are serving clients as a doctor or a pharmacist – and the advantages that emerge when you are functioning in the optimal role.