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Champions of Freedom

Our comprehensive LifePrint™ Financial Planning Process aligns your life with your money. Helping you discover who and what you care about most, and clarity and confidence about what’s possible, your life and your money are set free to go and do more of what you desire.

Our Story

Ron began as a financial advisor with CIGNA in 1998. Early on, he gained a conviction in the importance of the work we do, as he helped people to provide for and protect their families and their futures better. Ron also began his own estate planning law firm in 2000, while also simultaneously joining Valmark Financial Group. He would eventually transition all of his law client relationships into his good friend Tim Borcher’s capable hands. This move, back in 2010 allowed Ron to ensure that his clients’ estate planning and legal needs would be met with the very best ongoing service and quality legal advice while allowing Ron and his team to focus more intently and excellently on the wealth management needs of their clients.

In 2009, Ron founded along with Josh Procaccini, Wealth Impact Partners. Ron and Josh were having great success in redirecting the focus of their clients and their financial plans to making a greater impact, for themselves, their family, and the causes and organizations they cared about most. Thus the word impact and the original name of the firm, Wealth Impact Partners. The mantra of the firm became more than just money, more that matters!

The firm was renamed and rebranded during 2022, to even better communicate their unique approach and distinct value proposition to their clients, professional partners, and their community. Trove is a word that dates back to the 12th century and means treasure found. Ultimately, the team at Trove Private Wealth™ exists to help their clients discover and do what their heart desires most; what they care about most. They do all they can to empower their client families to unlock what they treasure most and unleash a fuller, more impactful life.

If you really believed you had the financial freedom to do what matters most to you, wouldn’t that be likely to change your life in a significant way?

Our Guiding Principles

Discover & Do

We are Driven and Balanced

Our drive and impact is fueled by a balanced life and a balanced plan.

We Love People Authentically

In a fake and selfish world, we aspire to be ourselves and love others as ourselves.

We Simplify Complexity

Life is busy. Finance is complex. If we can simplify and clarify, action becomes easier.

We Empower Freedom

The most important measure of our success is setting people free to live and give more.
Meet Our Core Team

Trove Private Wealth

At Trove Private Wealth™, you’ll find passionate people from a variety of financial disciplines working together to provide seamless, tax-efficient solutions for managing and preserving your wealth.

RON WARE, J.D., CFP® CEO / Wealth Manager
Untitled design (1)
ROBERT MACARTHUR, CFP® Executive Benefits Specialist / Wealth Manager
PAUL ROKOSZ, MBA, CFA® CIO / Wealth Manager
JAKE CLARK Wealth Management Associate
MATT EDWARDS Wealth Management Associate
GLENNA MANN Director of Client Service
SARAH PROCACCINI Executive Administrator
CHERYL WARE Executive Administrator
CINDY L'EUROPA Client Service Manager
JENNIFER PESCATORE Client Service Manager
Meet Our Strategic Partners

Valmark Financial Group®

As a Valmark Member Firm, we are able to leverage the specialized expertise of these professionals to help us deliver analysis and recommendations when helping our clients strategically plan their financial futures.

CHRIS BOTTARO, MBA Senior Vice President
MICHAEL MCCLARY, MBA Chief Investment Officer
CHRIS FINEFROCK, MBA, CFP® Senior Vice President - Investments and Financial Planning
LAUREN BALLANTINE, FALU Vice President, Underwriting
MINDY SHAFFER Operations Supervisor, New Business
ZACH HURST, CFP® Director, Financial Planning
JUSTIN SCHEMA Analyst, Policy Management
LUKE EHINGER Director, Insurance Marketing
CARMEN DONOFRIO Senior Financial Planner
MICHAEL TRICASO Associate Financial Planner
DUSTIN ILKO Senior Analyst, Insurance Marketing
Meet Our Strategic Partners

Borchers Cusano Trust Law Group

Borchers Cusano Trust Law Group is focused on demystifying estate planning, trusts, taxes and probate law and helping families make informed decisions.

Tim Borchers
Marc Cusano
Debra Hedges
DEBRA HEDGES, ESQ. Senior Associate
Mackenzie Hager
Mike Kotch
MIKE KOTCH Business Manager
Paula Nolan
PAULA NOLAN Managing Paralegal
Stephanie Marra
STEPHANIE MARRA Senior Paralegal
Courtney O’Riordan
Liz Facey
LIZ FACEY Paralegal, Law Clerk
Erika Schaad
ERIKA SCHAAD Administrative Legal Assistant
Emma Zimmerman
EMMA ZIMMERMAN Administrative Legal Assistant
Nikki Leavitt
NIKKI LEAVITT Operations Assistant
Sue Goodrich
SUE GOODRICH Administrative Assistant

Frequently Ask Questions.

Find answers to the questions we often get about our services.

Yes. We are CFP®s, CFAs, and attorneys. We have always approached planning with a fiduciary approach. This made the recently enacted fiduciary rules governing our industry a unique advantage and differentiator for us. One of our guiding principles makes this even easier; do unto others as you would want them to do to you. We charge flat fees for our planning work, investment advisory fees for our investment advice related to our clients’ various accounts that we are managing, and we also are compensated for the help we provide our clients with the purchase and management of life insurance.

Not specifically per se, in terms of net worth. We will be honored to work with anyone who cares about their planning, shares our values for doing more that matters with their money and their life, and for whom we can create substantial value. If a particular client is a good fit both qualitatively and quantitatively in this way, we consider this as having met our ‘minimum.’

That is actually completely normal, since 100% of our clients had an existing advisor and had done some sort of planning before they met us. We have a no cost, no obligation Second Opinion Assessment & Proposal, which allows our clients an easy way for us to take a look and provide feedback. If we think we can help, and that a particular client is a good fit, we will put together a Value Summary Proposal, laying out the various components of value we think we can help them to create and what the associated fee would be for the plan design work. This empowers prospective clients, who already have an advisor and perhaps some form of a plan, to better understand what’s possible and how they may be able to take their plan and their future to the next level.

Sometimes, but usually no this is not the result. In fact, in many of our clients’ plans, by utilizing financial solutions, tax strategies, and an array of possible legal structures, charitable giving can be additive as opposed to subtractive. The reason for this is leverage. Leverage can often be realized from the combination of different approaches that are combined, the tax benefits derived, and the additional wealth being driven by life insurance. So, in many situations, the family can receive more, while also benefiting causes and organizations the client family cares about. Instead of taking your money away from your family, charitable giving is more frequently your tax dollars that you are effectively taking back control of.

Yes. A big part of our planning process often involves how you can reduce income taxes, as well as estate and gift taxes. Less tax means more of your own money available for you, your family, and the causes and organizations you care about most. Involuntary philanthropy, otherwise known as tax, can often be transformed into voluntary philanthropy instead.

Passion & Plenty: Use Your Wealth to Live Your Legacy Now

Wealth is about so much more than money. It’s about finding what matters to you and living that life. It’s about finding the freedom to go do what you’re passionate about.

All too often, however, we let financial misconceptions get in the way. And that’s assuming we even know what our heart really desires. Our lives and our stories are literal treasure troves full of our true wealth. Discovering who and what you care about most and finding the wherewithal to follow your heart can change your life and the lives of others.

Why not use your wealth to live your legacy now? If you knew you could, wouldn’t you?

Ready to see if we can help you?

We can’t promise we can help you personally, until we talk with you first and learn more about your situation. Please reach out if you’d like to evaluate this better with us, by taking advantage of our no cost, no obligation Assessment & Proposal Process. You just don’t know what you don’t know. A second opinion almost always makes good sense. We hope to get a chance to meet you and talk with you.