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Identify impactful opportunities with Trove’s highly customized, professional, and thoughtful approach.

Executive Financial Planning (EFP)

Combining the holistic planning process with thoughtful, knowledgeable, and diligent service from the first introduction.

Executive Benefits

Providing consulting, design and financing of contemporary executive benefit programs to help recruit, retain and reward key talent.

Corporate Executive Solutions

NOw Available at Trove Private Wealth™

We are very excited to announce the addition of the newest partner to our firm, Bob MacArthur. With over 25 years of experience, he brings expertise in executive solutions. Bob has been  working with Trove informally for the last several years, and we’ve decided to make it more formal.

Our team and Bob want to be even more unified as we together pursue scaling this great vision we have here at Trove to set free $1B in private wealth, as we equip as many people as possible to discover & do what they care about most.

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Executive Financial Planning

Holistic & Personalized Service

Trove Executive Financial Planning (EFP) is an innovative offering from Trove Private Wealth. Unlike typical advisors, Trove is a fee-based planning firm with a customized, holistic approach through our patented LifePrint™ Planning Process. We focus on impactful planning opportunities, delve into retirement preparation for clients within 10 years of retirement age, and address crucial aspects like risk management. 

Trove’s dedication to thoughtful, knowledgeable, and diligent service sets us apart from others, working hard to keep clients’ overarching plan objectives guiding every step. If you’re a corporate executive or know someone who is, consider the no-cost, no-obligation Right Fit Assessment to elevate financial planning to the next level.

Executive Benefits


Align and enhance your firm’s resources with our new offering, Trove Executive Benefits. Unlock access to expert consultation, tools, and tailored direction to executive benefits in your marketplace. From  pre-tax deferred compensation plans to split dollar benefits and more, we’re dedicated to helping companies recruit, retain, and reward key talent. 

Partner with Trove at every phase, from discovery to implementation. Trust in industry-leading products and specialized consulting for unique programs. Elevate your client interactions and identify opportunities with our training. 

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The LifePrint™ Planning Process


Do you ever feel like money has its hold on you, sometimes even leaving you stressed out and lacking the peace you desire?

From lots of experience, we’ve seen people struggle in this fashion, even at higher levels of net worth and affluence. It’s almost like there is never enough, or it’s a relative concept or something.

Most people, however, would readily agree that they’d prefer having a clear sense that they are all set financially. They would also like to be able to tie their wealth to what they really care about. That’s the purpose of our LifePrint™ Planning Process.


Using our flagship LifePrint™ Planning Process, as well as our numerous tactical processes, we help individuals, families and business owners realize a secure life for themselves, plan a thoughtful legacy, and oftentimes create a lasting significance through philanthropic giving.

Together, these approaches provide an integrated and comprehensive suite of financial, estate, and tax planning, as well as investment advisory and fiduciary life insurance services, designed to help people maximize the impact of their financial potential during life and through an ongoing legacy they can leave behind.


We’ve observed that most people who have been able to create a deeper understanding and connection between their money and the things they care about most (their “purpose”), are able to realize an enhanced sense of peacefulness, freedom, and impact.

How do you begin to move in this direction? The answer is actually similar to many other areas of our lives. If we need to accomplish something outside of our realm of expertise, we find a capable, skilled, and experienced resource and delegate to some extent, right?

That’s our purpose at Trove. We’re a team of experienced advisors who can help you have the right conversations and begin this process of self-discovery and strategic planning. Your LifePrint™ has so much more potential. Go after it!

Right Fit Assessment

access wealth management expertise and guidance

In today’s confusing and highly volatile global economic reality, you are likely to need help with a complex situation or lack complete confidence in your current financial planning or professional. This is more common than ever before. Like all important decisions and responsibilities that we manage in life, a second opinion can often provide increased confidence and peace of mind.

With the hope of adding value and building a professional relationship with you, we are pleased to introduce an offering we call our Right Fit Assessment. By leveraging this offering, you will receive access to our wealth management expertise and guidance—at no initial cost or obligation.

We offer specialized guidance tailored for executives.

With our newest partner, Bob MacArthur, Trove Private Wealth™ now offers Executive Financial Planning (EFP) and Executive Benefits, broadening our portfolio to better serve executives.