Case Studies

Real-World Examples

See the strategies and principles that we follow at Trove in effect in these real-world applications, and discover the lasting impact they make on both families and businesses.

Lifeprint™ Planning Process
Traditionally, individuals accrue the bulk of their retirement savings in tax-deferred, qualified accounts such as 401Ks, 403Bs, and IRAs, but these one-dimensional savings strategies limit one’s flexibility to mitigate tax liability during retirement.
Investment Advisory
Investing that is informed by a comprehensive plan helps dramatically with all of a family’s various financial objectives.
Fiduciary Life Insurance
With expert underwriting advocacy and a fiduciary management process, life insurance becomes a strategic asset in the plan, providing tax-free, and often guaranteed leverage.
Annual Plan Refinement
With changing family dynamics, risks, opportunities, tax laws, health issues, life stage needs, and more, the financial plan must be refined to be effective and viable long-term.

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